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It is amazing to see how the Holy Spirit has chosen to bless the JESUS Film as an evangelism tool. It is incredibly effective in reaching lost people around the world. Every day, hundreds hear the gospel and respond by accepting Christ and beginning new lives.

So what could be more effective than the JESUS film?

Using the JESUS film and the EvangeCube together!

The EvangeCube is made up of eight blocks connected at strategic points. Through a series of six maneuvers, seven panels are revealed which illustrate God's plan for salvation through Jesus' death and resurrection. The EvangeCube "simply and clearly unfolds the gospel of Jesus Christ ... the answer to life's greatest puzzle."

After a recent pilot project in Central America using the EvangeCube with the JESUS film, we realized how effective it is as an evangelism tool. When film team members used the EvangeCube with the JESUS Film, the percentage of viewers who made a decision for Christ increased threefold. In addition, the percentage of those who made a decision for Christ who also participated in an initial discipleship session increased by 25%.

How is the EvangeCube more effective?

  1. There is often a disconnect between the graphic presentation of the JESUS film and the verbal invitation to accept Christ. The EvangeCube presents the salvation plan in a concrete way.
  2. More than 50% of JESUS film viewers are 18 years of age or younger. Christian teens equipped and empowered with EvangeCubes can assist the film team immediately after the showing to invite their peers to accept Christ.
  3. The EvangeCube has added a personal touch to the JESUS film's mass evangelism technique. These additional assistants also help to prevent people from coming and going so easily without being reached out to in a personal way.
  4. The EvangeCube also becomes a discipleship tool. JESUS Film teams show the film in 290 languages, but we do not have printed material in all of these languages and as many as 50% of the audience is pre-literate. The Cube can be understood by anyone and used by anyone to teach others regardless of the ability to read.

JESUS Film Harvest Partners is partnering with EvangeCube Global Ministries to make EvangeCubes available on all 6 of the world regions and to equip our JESUS Film teams with EvangeCubes.

EvangeCube Resources:

  1. To order EvangeCubes go to www.thefoundrypublishing.com or call 1-800-877-0700.
  2. Training materials including handouts and PowerPoint presentations can be found under Discipleship Materials.
  3. To give financially to help send EvangeCubes to our JESUS Film teams go to our Donate page.