Half-Page Inserts — Provide an overview of the JESUS Film Harvest Partners ministry and offer opportunities to get involved.

General JFHP Information ( 267KB) Provides an overview of the JFHP ministry.

La Misíon, Metas y Resultados ( 197KB) General JFHP Information in Spanish.

Decision a Day Sponsorship ( 307KB) Provides information about the Decision a Day Sponsorship program. (Grayscale - 93KB)

Harvest 120 Sponsorship ( 163KB) Provides information about the Harvest 120 Sponsorship program.


Full-Page Handouts  — Highlight projects, activities, and opportunities to get involved with JESUS Film Harvest Partners.

Equipment Overview ( 1.5MB) - Provides basic information about the various equipment used by JESUS Film teams

Ministry Trip Info & Opportunities ( 865KB) - Provides information about what is involved in a JESUS Film Ministry Trip. Viaje de Ministerio Película JESÚS ( - 871KB) Ministry Trip Info & Opportunities in Spanish.

Prayer Card ( 1 MB) This 6" x 4" card is a good reminder to pray for the ministry.


​​Posters — Printable at office supply stores, drugstores, and big box stores.


Display Banner - 24" x 54" tall color display ( 6.2MB)
Large - 18" x 24" ( 16.2MB)
Small - 8.5" x 11"  ( 846KB)

Impact your World - Harvest 120 Sponsorship ( 3.05MB)

It's Harvest Time! ( 5.25MB)

Join the Harvest ( 5.96MB)

Join the Harvest (version 2) ( 4.13MB)

ROI - Field Poster (4.17MB)

JESUS Film Showing - B&W 8.5"X11"

JESUS Film Showing - Color 8.5"X11"

JESUS Film - Join the Harvest Poster  8.5"x11"