Throwback Thursday: A Faithful Partner

"When I hear about people coming to Christ, that thrills me!” explained Helen when asked why she partners with JESUS Film Harvest Partners. This vibrant widow has chosen to fulfill God’s mandate on her life to reach the lost by supporting JESUS Film Harvest Partners.

A Day in the Life of a Brazil JESUS Film Team Member

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Thirty-five-year-old Anderson Barbosa understands what it means to bring the gospel to every tribe and tongue. He is the team leader of Brazil JESUS Film team #1 and has made it his life’s mission to share God’s love with indigenous peoples throughout Roraima — the northernmost state of Brazil.

‘Suffering Makes Us Equal:’ Spiritual, Natural Disaster Relief in Chile

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“Suffering makes us equal,” said Alessandro Polonio, Holistic Ministry Coordinator for Chile for JESUS Film Harvest Partners. 

Radical Forgiveness

Forgiveness. Reconciliation. Redemption. These can all be outcomes of sanctification. For two men in an African refugee camp, these radical concepts are rewriting a broken story — nearly half of a century of revenge and conflict.